Saturday, August 30, 2014

The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

I was watching the movie "The hitch hikers guide to the galaxy" and it has some amazing prespectives human brain could think. For the thinkers, its a topics.
The ultimate answer to love life and everything.42
The Hiperspace drive
The ultimate question
The improbability drive

The Normality
Hiper Intelligence
Volgans(creatures that could not think and imagine, but follow protocols)
Dimensions beyond the three length, and time.
Questions that brings happiness thinking an answer to

#Some questions to think
1. What would you do if you know the world is about to end in 24 hours.
2. If there were a life in other planets of the galaxy, What would be their nature?
3. Don't Panic.
4. Where God went wrong?, Some more of the Gods interesting mistakes, and Who is this God person anyway?
5. Is it true that that portion of brain feels depressed which does not get engaged.if so, as the brain and intelligence increases, people will feel more and more depressed.
6. What is the probability that a whale is falling from the sky.
7. What will go through the whale's mind when it finds itself towards the ground from space.

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