Friday, September 12, 2014

Vulnerability is a beautiful thing

I was having this chat with one of my friend's where I was being the answer guy and this friend of mine was playing the confused questions guy. Everybody is confused. Everyone feels fear, confusion, illusion. These are all the factors the core of our brain is filled with. People give reasons not to take risk doing something. Life is an illusion, why do this, what's the point. I feel the same when I am alone. But when somebody else is playing the dumb guy, I suddenly find myself above these feelings and focused. I find myself answering that if life is just an illusion, why not live it how you want. After all, its a dream, wouldn't it be great that you get to be a superman in your dream with all the cool superpowers.

Different things have the similar pattern. You cannot win really big unless you risk big, is true for business as well as life. People could get so much if they just ask. People can achieve so much if they just can control their fear of rejection, denial, and have the courage to show what they really want to public.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pink floyd

Breathe, breathe in the air. 
Don't be afraid to care. 
Leave but don't leave me. 
Look around and choose your own ground. 
Long you live
High you fly
Smile you give 
And tears you cry
And all you touch
And all you see
Is all your life 
Will ever be............

The burning season

What am I hear for?
It doesn't make much sense.
When it's all said and done, this world means nothing.
With weight of the world, on my shoulders.
I still try to find reason in my life.
The ultimate goal is to get ahead,
While all these things are left unsaid,
May the cool waters of heaven wash away my sin.
Burned away this disease,
And heal these wounds of life,
Take away my breath forever.
Guide me to the light.
And I...
I still try to find reason in my life.
And in my life I can't find a way to heal myself.
Weight of the world.
May the cool waters of heaven wash away, my sin.