Friday, September 12, 2014

Vulnerability is a beautiful thing

I was having this chat with one of my friend's where I was being the answer guy and this friend of mine was playing the confused questions guy. Everybody is confused. Everyone feels fear, confusion, illusion. These are all the factors the core of our brain is filled with. People give reasons not to take risk doing something. Life is an illusion, why do this, what's the point. I feel the same when I am alone. But when somebody else is playing the dumb guy, I suddenly find myself above these feelings and focused. I find myself answering that if life is just an illusion, why not live it how you want. After all, its a dream, wouldn't it be great that you get to be a superman in your dream with all the cool superpowers.

Different things have the similar pattern. You cannot win really big unless you risk big, is true for business as well as life. People could get so much if they just ask. People can achieve so much if they just can control their fear of rejection, denial, and have the courage to show what they really want to public.

Don't try to change as a response to an unpleasing event. Don't try to shut yourself from the vulnerabilities the civilization has to offer. We all are vulnerable to something. There is no creature not vulnerable to something. Being vulnerable is better then being alone.

There's nothing like morality, civilization, right or wrong, smart thing to do and dumb thing to do. Inside the thin coat of civilization we are all wild animals. Try to accept this reality and you will never feel hesitation to make your life something great.

Don't be a nobody because rest of the world is full of nobody s'.

Just listen to yourself, do what you must.

Get rid of the old ideas, be free, free your mind let it be without any useless morals, do what you think you want, don't think yourself to smart or too dull but similar to the rest of the world. You are somebody in this world, equally as valuable as anybody else. Your actions will weigh equally as someone else's did.

Don't analyze everything people do or say, or every stories you hear about the real world.

Be a part of it, be similar to them. Listen to your dark sides, don't supress them. Don't be a good boy if it will not help you.

Its the power of desperation, the search for something great, the time spent in search for meaning to life and the readings and analysis of those ideas that produced these words. Don't shut your mind to rumors. Analyze.

You have to drag your life to the right path, nobody else could help you but you.
Take the risk, Cross the barrier made of shame, confusion and hesitation.

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