Monday, November 17, 2014

The bubble theory of the formation of the universe

I was watching the movie "The fault in our start". There was these lines.
There is an infinity between 0 and 1. There is an even greater infinity between 0 and 2. Some infinity are just greater then other infinities.
That moment was my infinity.
Well that could be true.
I read some time ago, about the even horizon of the black hole. The speed goes on increasing as you approach near and near the black hole on the influence of its gravity. At a certain range or distance from it, your speed becomes approximately equals to the speed of light. The change in you will be negligible.
Normally what we imagine is that, if we are travelling in a spaceship, and we are trapped in the gravity of the black hole, we eventually end up dead, shrinking millionth our original size, into the black hole. But if the change on us in negligible at the even horizon, how could we really die. What if we enter a totally normal world in that instant(the time of this world), but on the frame of reference of that world, its totally normal, and we live a normal life in a different universe, different planet. When you really study the theories of the relativity, it seems possible.

So, I imagined a theory, of the creation of the universe which I like to call, THE BUBBLE THEORY.
Think of the ultimate existence as a VOID. There could not have been anything at the VERY BEGINNING. No mass no space no time. But then void does not always means nothing. It could mean the presence of the something positive and something negative at every instance. They could add up to void in every instant of their frame of reference.
There were bubbles of space produced and instantaneously destroyed in that void. But what is the anti of the Space Bubble. Well that's a very good question. Its the rate of change induced itself inside the bubble. When something is created in the void and it has a negative rate of change, its not really created. It eventually gets destroyed with the same rate of change induced in it. If a space had been created, but there is no rate of change induced in it, it would have been created for ever, in that void, and that would have been a dis-balance at the ultimate nature of the void, because it would never have been destroyed.
Ok. But if the space is destroyed instantaneously as it is created, how could the universe form?. That's a brilliant question as well. You see time, for an observer, is the factor of the reference of frame of the observer to the object he is observing. For an observer, in the reference of frame of THE VOID, the lifetime of the bubbles are negligible. However, for an observer, inside the bubble itself, everything he/she could perceive is within the lifetime of the bubble itself. The lifetime of the bubble for the observer within the bubble, tends to infinity. The space inside the bubble, for the observer within the bubble, tends to infinity. The bubble is the universe for the observer inside the bubble. Some bubbles might be bigger then the others.

Think of it like this. You never see yourself dead. Your lifetime is infinity for you. You could imagine a time before you and a time after you but could not actually see it because the moment you die for others, is the moment time stops for you. That very instant of time never passes for you, it stops, making your lifetime infinity for you.

I have thought about the creation of the universe in many ways, but this imagination of mine, corresponds to many ideas of the physics I know, the rules I could think of. Now there are some real questions I have to work on. As far as I could think of, some of the properties such as speed of light, mass, gravity, these things are related in all the bubbles. They somehow define the common properties of all the bubble universe that could form in THE VOID. I am trying to find some answers to these connections.
Thanks for you time.
see ya

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