Thursday, November 20, 2014

Traffic Jams | Brain Storming

I had to travel somewhere today in the same city. I ignored the time I should have allocated for the traffic. I could not make it.
Whole day was spent on the road today doing nothing. Traffic.
I don't want to just complain, things are bad, unmanaged etc, but trying to think what to do about it. How could we actually solve the problem we are facing in everyday life.
The secret here could not lie in something that only some people could do, but the minor things every person out there suffering, could do.
Think about it.

Traffic, the roads have been much wider lately, but still we suffer. What could possibly be the reason.
- Large amount of small vehicles.
- Lack of knowledge of alternative roads.
- Lack of knowledge of which vehicle will be where at what time for the traffic.
- Is it a fact that there are large amount of vehicles given permission that roads could normally handle.?
- No restriction/classification of which road which vehicle could be in.

People will create some idea from the prespective of their field of expertise. I am going technical.
How about specifying, which vehicle could be in which road between what time?
How about enforcing that if a vehicle is not normally supposed to be at certain road, providing pre information about the road they could be in?
Some kind of information system, collecting data how many vehicles could be in which road, leading possible traffic jam.?
Limiting large number of small vehicles and adding some large vehicles?
Collecting data of which road is normally jammed in what time of the day?
Alternate ways

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