Saturday, November 1, 2014

Write Yourself down

I thought about it a while back, and I know I am right.
Its a matter of time you forget everything. Even who you are, what do you stand for, who are your friends, your enemies, your life events, favorite moments, things you were tempted with, things you were once obsessed with, all things you wanted to do in your life and the things you succeeded and the things you failed to do, the simple things you were afraid of doing but then you did it anyway, the little things you were afraid to do and you have not done yet, the way you had a vision of something, the way you used to analyze a problem to a logical conclusion, the things you once loved, the names your friends used to call you - that made you angry, the amazing ideas you had once those you never actually put into practice but had a great time thinking about, the deep dives to your imaginations of the universe and making an understanding of it, that time when you were good at predicting the nature of people based on
some knowledge you had of those people combining it with the general human nature, the person you once had a crush on, the moments when your friends made fun about, the moments you got nervous around that person, that one time you had an eye contact that created a hurricane your mind, the time you decided to let go of something, the moment you were really embarrassed and lots and lots more.

Chances are You might have already forgotten a lot of those moments, and reality is that you will forget a lot of them in the future. All those moments are a part of you. Even the most unpleasant ones. It brings a great pleasure to know the then you, when you read the articles written by the then you.
Its amazing you actually travel to that time again for a moment. I have been writing about lots of those moments, some in my copies and lots in the blogs all over the internet.
Its amazing though, how great a friend those writings could be to you, when you are alone without nothing good to do. Its like you are with a friend and spending time with a person, the person being you yourself. Thinking what he had been thinking at those times, judging him, reminding of those moments, realizing what sort of an idiot/or may be a genius you were at that time, realizing that those time are lost for ever, and all you have are the memories captured by your own writings.

Just try it, you will experience the most amazing of feeling when you read those views of yours years from now.

You're welcome!!!

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