Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Would Einstein had ever thought of the relative nature of time had he been in a hungry country

There was a topic that suddenly came upon us, while we were trying to have a moment of intellectual conversation. What if Albert Einstein was born in a country where how to eat would have been the primary area of focus rather then something as critical as a research on the relative nature of some physical activity.

Generally people have that intellect in them when they are born. They happen to get interested in topics as their situation allows them to get. God if there is, is very clever to design the limitations on human beings so that they would not be able to take the evolutionary leap any time faster. I mean, people need sustenance, need the mind of a group to remain sane and focused, need reminders to remember their beliefs, need love of other people, need partner for reproduction, need friends, family. How would a man, with the mind of a GOD, if he has, would ever really become one with all these distractions, dependencies and neediness, and still be invincible.

While looking at the history, there was a time when the center for creative development was in Asia, which today is in the Europe and America. The situation shows that, being well off, is directly related to the development of ideas, and intelligence.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Knowledge and Happiness are different things.

Some people actually believe that they could be happy if they had a better knowledge of something (may be life). All people who believe that, will go learning new things until they fall into the pit of misery, when they forget everything they have learned.

Then they might restart the same process.

Knowledge needs support of a group of similar minds. It could not be harnessed by a single being. Humans aren't made that way.
 Happiness on the other hand lies in the moments, and the memories of it. It is also multiplied in the group of similar people.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last Day of VIT | Some captured moments

I forget everything if not noted. I have made myself that way since some years. But this one I want to remember and smile for the rest of my life.

VIT, the first place where I have been working as a Software Engineer. I know the desperation, I was going through before getting a job here. I have left some other software companies to get a working chance here. I had done my college project internship here. Then I left leapfrog and an offer from CloudFactory to an opportunity of Trainee in Verisk.

Any way, I will focus on the last day. I went there, two of my coffee partners were absent(Manjul Bhattarai, and Prajwal Dandekhia). I had coffee with Baal Dai. I pinged Biswas KC(the HR) to ask if there is any formality before leaving ViT on the last day. Then he called and handed me one set of documents for the clearance and other set for the questionaire. Took that and came down. I went here and there for signature. Madhu Didi, the office manager, Santosh dai the chief of the Canteen. One of the waitress sister did the clearance part for me. Oh I forgot the Van incident. There were some jokes and some racking some days earlier regarding the chocolate khoi ta? So I distributed chocolate to the people in van. I had bought only ten. Luckily only 7 people came on van that day, so it was enough. (Sushil Dai from Tiermed, Krishna acharya from EI, One bhai who was in trainee, Sangita didi of operations, Uruvi gautam of civil, Pooja Bhatta of tiermed, Samanta Shah(PM),). I carried one for Vheesma Birat panthi dai, who had migrated from Naikap to Jadibutti.He was demanding for chocolate from a long time. I gave him later, as that was his evening shift.

I love winter

Well some people have a habit of hating every season they are facing.

They are like
I hate Summer. It's so hot and sweaty and irritating.
I hate Rain. Its so wet and creepy.
I hate Winter. So cold. I would rather live in 32 C then in 2. Rough skin, cracked lips bla bla
I hate summer. It feels so odd, and lonely and everybody feels so happy. I hate it !!

But. I love winter. I love to wear all of my jackets. It makes me feel stronger. I wear my best jeans. I wear winter caps, so I don't have to worry about my crappy hair, or no hair. I can exercise or walk for hours without getting sweaty, and sun pimples.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Less life More Experiences

I think I may have lived life a little less then other people, but I know how people might feel and act under what conditions. This is called learning from other's experiences. I realized it years back. I forgot about that in the middle, and now when my mind is re-claiming its formor glory, everything is coming back to the place.

Have you ever heard of the "Thought Experiment". If you know what I just said, you don't need another word. If no, you will never know this power of your mind.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Illusion of Control | State of life

"The illusion of control" is one of the happy state in a person's life, where they think life is going great for them. The never realize the illusion part while in this state.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The country is failing

One of my teachers told us years back.
Nepalese are brave. Nepalese are sojho. Euphemism for Nepalese are stupid.
POLIticians of other countries unite for their country. Here politicians are not playing the common interest game. Might be they are run my agencies of other countries. They don't realize it, but they are failing every infrastructure of  this country.