Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last Day of VIT | Some captured moments

I forget everything if not noted. I have made myself that way since some years. But this one I want to remember and smile for the rest of my life.

VIT, the first place where I have been working as a Software Engineer. I know the desperation, I was going through before getting a job here. I have left some other software companies to get a working chance here. I had done my college project internship here. Then I left leapfrog and an offer from CloudFactory to an opportunity of Trainee in Verisk.

Any way, I will focus on the last day. I went there, two of my coffee partners were absent(Manjul Bhattarai, and Prajwal Dandekhia). I had coffee with Baal Dai. I pinged Biswas KC(the HR) to ask if there is any formality before leaving ViT on the last day. Then he called and handed me one set of documents for the clearance and other set for the questionaire. Took that and came down. I went here and there for signature. Madhu Didi, the office manager, Santosh dai the chief of the Canteen. One of the waitress sister did the clearance part for me. Oh I forgot the Van incident. There were some jokes and some racking some days earlier regarding the chocolate khoi ta? So I distributed chocolate to the people in van. I had bought only ten. Luckily only 7 people came on van that day, so it was enough. (Sushil Dai from Tiermed, Krishna acharya from EI, One bhai who was in trainee, Sangita didi of operations, Uruvi gautam of civil, Pooja Bhatta of tiermed, Samanta Shah(PM),). I carried one for Vheesma Birat panthi dai, who had migrated from Naikap to Jadibutti.He was demanding for chocolate from a long time. I gave him later, as that was his evening shift.

Later in the 4pm lunch, Baal dai and I went to eat momo in a new place where we talked about the enterprenures, some great people and their way, few examples in Deerwalk, Business, how to partnership with quereys, Habits of some new unexperiences Managers, Not renewing of contract, etc etc. Later Mohan dai came and I heard one part of his radio interview. #Great. I made the PF card signed it from Mohana Lohani Didi (the vice president of verisk ). I asked what to write from Reema Tandukar didi of account. Another friend Ishan Gajurel also has his last day the same day. He has been headed to Dakota(3.5hr drive from Iowa). We did some handshake, some Goodbye letter sending.

Last moment was a coffee with three of the best people of VIT. Poojan Bhandari dai, Prakash Aryal dai, Ram Kumar Kishi dai and me in the coffee talk. We talked about movies (Cast away, Into the wild, Kun mandir ma janxhu yatri, Kabbadi, ) acting etc. Poojan dai is best with words when it comes to talking.

I changed into emotional for some time. The effect of the feeling that i do not belong to the office any more was something unpleasing. The change is what people feel. Life in its steady velocity could not be felt no matter how great the steady velocity is. To feel it, there has to be some acceleration, some retardation. F=ma .

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