Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Less life More Experiences

I think I may have lived life a little less then other people, but I know how people might feel and act under what conditions. This is called learning from other's experiences. I realized it years back. I forgot about that in the middle, and now when my mind is re-claiming its formor glory, everything is coming back to the place.

Have you ever heard of the "Thought Experiment". If you know what I just said, you don't need another word. If no, you will never know this power of your mind.

This is the sort of power that comes from your calm consciousness, a way of harnessing all your knowledge and experiences you have ever acquired in your life. Normally you do something, and then you forget it. This is the default behavior. Thought experiment is about understanding why those default thoughts, and behaviors are there. Its about trying to observe a pattern, summarizing the observation and feelings, and learning to derive conclusions.

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