Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Would Einstein had ever thought of the relative nature of time had he been in a hungry country

There was a topic that suddenly came upon us, while we were trying to have a moment of intellectual conversation. What if Albert Einstein was born in a country where how to eat would have been the primary area of focus rather then something as critical as a research on the relative nature of some physical activity.

Generally people have that intellect in them when they are born. They happen to get interested in topics as their situation allows them to get. God if there is, is very clever to design the limitations on human beings so that they would not be able to take the evolutionary leap any time faster. I mean, people need sustenance, need the mind of a group to remain sane and focused, need reminders to remember their beliefs, need love of other people, need partner for reproduction, need friends, family. How would a man, with the mind of a GOD, if he has, would ever really become one with all these distractions, dependencies and neediness, and still be invincible.

While looking at the history, there was a time when the center for creative development was in Asia, which today is in the Europe and America. The situation shows that, being well off, is directly related to the development of ideas, and intelligence.

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