Saturday, March 7, 2015

Things I want in an Ideal Laptop

Well, my Laptop is getting older and I can feel it. It still does a lot though. Recently I found out that its CPU does not have virtualization capacity which is required for the android emulators for better performance. So I started looking for other laptops as well. Last time I bought a laptop, it's been five years, and frankly I did no research nor I had any Idea what to look for in a laptop back then. I didn't know what processor is, what WI-FI is, why is resolution important, What size should I buy, Why are weights important for a Laptop, What is the difference between the different USB technologies, What is SSD, etc. Now that I have spent lots of time with Laptops and computer system, I know What I want in an Ideal Laptop.

Things I want in an Ideal Laptop

  •         Processor 8th Gen i7 with six cores and highest frequency possible
  •           Ram >= 16 Gig
  •          Dedicated Graphics Card  >= 8Gig
  •           Display 1920* 1080 (>= xxxx * 1080)
  •           15 inch (non glossy, infinite display)
  •           Wi-Fi latest
  •           At least 3 USB ports with at least 1 Usb3.0
  •           SSD min 256Gig
  •           HDMI (no optical drive is ok)
  •           Audio Ports(Sound cards) 

Why is Generation of Processor Important

Well, For starters, Its directly affects your battery life. Second, Its directly related to the performance speed. The performance of 3D modeling and rendering could be 50% faster then the 4th generation. It heats less, so it could really increase the battery life, along with the light weight of the Laptop.

What about the Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi 802.11ac or b is the latest technology which utilizes maximum use of the available bandwidth. Do you have an experience where you are using Wi-Fi with your old mobile phone, and suddenly a guy with brand new latest model of Smart phone start using his/her device and than everything works smoothly in their device but your device does not connect to the Wi-Fi signal any more. Well that's what happens when you could not use the available bandwidth.

What is this usb3

Its the latest Usb technology which can transfer data as fast as 5Gbps. That's it.

Why 13 inch display when you could have 15 or 17

That's a good question. The whole point of a laptop is portability. And capacity too, but mostly portability. Whats the use of a laptop, when you will use less due to its size or weight. Research shows that 13.3 inch are the best. i.e. not too small like 11 inch and not large like 15 inch.

But based on my latest research, 13 inch laptops have very weak processor with very less frequency and less cores. My current need as of 2018 is video editing, so i need powerful cpu with at least 6 cores and 3k Hz frequency which is required for acceptable video rendering. I my requirements have changed.

That's it. 

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