Monday, April 27, 2015

A country and preparation for Calamity

There was an earthquake in Nepal this year 25th of April American time. The results were devastating. Almost three thousand dead, lots more injured. Last time people said, such disaster occurred in Haiti and the number of people who died were lot less then those who were injured.

At first it felt good that, the number of people dead is less then the number of people injured. But when we really think about it, such number suggests a lack of preparation and standards. There were almost a hundred after shocks of earthquakes of 4, 5 or 6 rector scales. Its been almost two days and people are still afraid to go inside their own houses. Most of them are living in tents, but the tents are not enough to accommodate everyone. The food is scarce. the prices have tripled, some people fighting for food was captured(which probably may be made up by some channels), Nepal-quake being the tagline of the days, headlines of the major news channels, telephone networks being busy, services like skype, viber, ATnT providing free calls to Nepal, hospitals being full of patients, news of countries sending food and rescue soldiers to Nepal, People all over the world praying for the well being of the People of Nepal.

There were some chats with some Nepalese in united states,  talking that even though there is a calamity, most countries would not let outsiders to enter their country even for help, but we are in no position to do that. They are right. Some irresponsible politicians are so busy in their power-games that they would not let the country to develop and be capable to stand on its own.
And there is a mass of blind, people who support them without thinking anything.

Some conclusions drawn so far were.

  • Until the freedom to build a house is in the hand of anyone, people will always save too much money, thus killing so many people in such calamities. A construction standard, and enforcement is needed.
  • More public toilets in open spaces are needed.
  • From the rubble's of this disaster, unplanned construction should be restricted.

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