Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Responses to events

People are trying to collect and pour money from all over the world, all the different communities not believing on others and acting on their own. Acting as a species. Honestly, I don't like the idea of people begging for money shelling emotions. Honestly, How to do one thing that will change the way people will broaden in their horizons of thinking. Why do people run after leaders instead of leading themselves, everyone being the leader to their own ideas. Had that happened, Nepal would not have suffered the way it is going to because of this earthquake after effect. some four thousands of people dead, tens of thousands injured, about hundred thousand houses destroyed, dust, rubble's, bricks, unintelligent talks, screams, mourning's. Seriously, how is there so much intelligence gap among different parts of the world. People could not become more then what environment of intelligence they are surrounded with. Still people running after one mad confident man, running after words rather then logic, decisions based on emotions rather then maturity...