Friday, August 19, 2016

Fear is a Myth anyway

Have you ever had that experience where you wanted to express your opinion to a group of big deals, but then you did not, because you feared that you may be wrong or somebody would disagree with you or you just got scared without any reason at all?

Been there.

Well I am gonna share an experience. The people I meet these days after coming to this country are different in that regard. Different then me. Those who are in good positions especially.
I talk to this guy, who have more than double my experience but suggests a silly idea to me. I refused the suggestion and gave him the reason saying why it is wrong, and I know he had learnt something new from me, but still, he wouldn't admit it and keep hitting me with other of his reasons about why he was right, even if i know, he is not confident about them now.

Then I thought about it. What if he had never suggested me that idea of his. I would never have told him my reasons, and he would never have learnt about it. Just because he was fearless of being wrong, and foolish enough to blurt it out what he was thinking, and was ready to learn new things in the process, he was growing every day.

I have found the same kind of habit in most of my managers of this new company i just joined. They have very no idea about the details of the software or how it works, but they are not afraid to throw their opinions and ideas and hear what i have to say about that and they even try to reason me wrong. Well I have to keep an open mind also, else I could not learn anything in that process, and a few times I was wrong, or I have had forgotten some details. But the point is, when you dare to express your views and ideas, and make a conflict, and dare to reason , you make the whole environment, a learning and growing environment. Everybody in that environment grows not just you. And you have to take it easy too when somebody says you are wrong, and you should not be afraid to say so if someone is giving a foolish idea and proposing something stupid without thinking properly.

Don't be afraid, the world is a game. What is the worse thing that could happen if you say "I think that's wrong because ....". They will provide their reason, you provide yours and try to reason them wrong. If you get something convincing from them, accept that you were wrong or that you need to research and will get back to them on this. Take it easy, but don't be shy.
Have a good day :)