Monday, August 26, 2019

What is life anyway

Somehow in this vast wilderness of nothingness, some disturbance happens and disturbance ends of creating a source of positive and negative energy. Something happens again and those energy ends up creating particles, electrons, protons, neutrons, and then molecules, rocks, planets and the whole universe in an infinite amount of time. Now something amazing happens in this dead universe where in a planet called earth, something Goldilocks condition happen and the molecules react with ideal temperature and ideal molecules form which are able to remember some patterns to replicate themselves. In a matter of several millions of years those molecules grow to be more complex and create a combination of even more complex molecules which seem to show some kind of intelligence, search their own food, move towards favorable conditions, create more entities like themselves. And thus the so called Life was eventually formed.

Today those beings have become so smart that one of those is writing this blog, and someone else is reading and comprehending the idea thus communicating while being miles away. Think about it. Life is something that just happened by several small things.

When I was small (like 5-10 years old), I used to feel that I am way smarter then other people. Well that may be because I was the only person I know very well. Now that I am old, I think I am not so smart after all. OR am I. When I used to think about life back then, I was always meaningless but full of potential. I think I was always more inclined to the view that everything at the end is meaningless.
There are two ways you can see life. One way is that everything is obvious, things are the way they are because they are, and they always have been. You and I exist because obviously we do, why are you so amazed by the fact that we do exist. But on the other way of looking at life is that everything about it is amazing. Everything that happened from the beginning of the Universe, to make us possible is just mind boggling. Its overwhelming to see about the vast complexity of everything so simple. Even the simplest of things are beyond comprehension. We are living in this IN-Between some Goldilocks condition, If we start digging the very deep detail of something, anything, we will be lost.

Once I was having a philosophical discussion with my friend, and I was on good mood, so I was on the side that life matters. He told me, why go through so much trouble when at the end life is meaningless and nothing matters. I said exactly because life is meaningless at the end and it will only be what you make of it in your lifetime. Why be sad in life when life does not mean anything and we have to die at the end, life a happy life and die. What's the point of being sad and dying ? Both arguments were equally valid, and some people choose to pick one side or the other depending on what the series of events they have faces on their life.

So what is life? Ignorance is bliss. Just live the life that makes you happy. Be humble, and remember that one time you were saved from trouble because somebody else was humble and kind to you. Now its your turn to be kind and return the favor. Find a meaning in life and help create a meaningful world out of this nothingness. Be positive and spread happiness, because the world needs it.

Well, Its a never ending topic to I'm just stopping all of a sudden.
Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed Life!..

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