Saturday, November 2, 2019

Android vs Iphones

Well here’s another random thought occupying my mind these days.
This blog is regarding a change of opinion, and in the journey of changes, a   Conflict  of ideas within - one of many perks of being a human.

The problem is I guess How do you choose to build something, or thinking as a consumer How do you decide which type of product you prefer. Both looks the same. Both are equally popular. There are plenty of people who admire each of the product. What would your thought process be to choose one over the other. I guess you should try see the philosophy of these.

First philosophy says that make it good enough but never put a lot of effort to make it best. Make it cheap. Lure your consumers with many but not properly baked features because there are many who will join you this way. The second philosophy is, be the best. Make sure whatever you are providing is the best in market. If something is faulty, don’t release it. Make it the best finished product even it means the development and testing cost will be higher and the end consumers have to pay a higher price for it. Not cheap price but excellence will prevail.

Personally, as a costumer, it was difficult to see unless you experience it and provided you use most of the features, to make your mind to choose one over the other. It’s the journey of having no money and choosing the most features with low price to not having to worry about money too much and money and wanting to experience the excellent finished product.

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