Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Nepalese Christmas and Momos

This is not special about Christmas but any holiday where a few Nepalese people gather outside of Nepal and try to celebrate. 90% of the time, what we do is make momos and eat and then do the remaining things what we do. Momos has become synonymous to the national food for nepalese. 

Some information about momo. It’s actually originated somewhere in Tibet. Tibet and nepal being nearby, migration and trade was common from long back. So the food also migrated and eventually modified to fit Nepalese tase, and for the better. Nowadays it’s really popular in Nepal and many people serve momo in the menu. Different varieties, veg, non-veg, pan fried, steamed, fat less , soup momo etc etc. My all time favorite is Veg fried C-Momo. When I was working in Nepal, I used to have Momos as lunch like  60% of the times. And I think it’s not just me. I remember so many times, I would be determined to try something different today, but after looking at the menu for like 10 minutes or so, I would settle for a plate of Momo. And so would my friends. It’s that popular. 

Now that we are in America , it’s little less available and so it’s has more value. It has become one of the compulsory dishes for gatherings. I have taken in to my office for pot locks and functions and to my surprise everybody loved it. Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Ethiopians everybody loved it. And the most important thing people loved was when they tried it with the tomato sesame soup. People would never get tired eating it, and it’s on the healthy side of things. But it’s also on the expensive side of things as well. 

Now that we know, it’s on the expensive side of things, people with normal salary don’t go on a restaurant to have Momos on a regular basis. Especially when there are so many fast food restaurants with different cheaper varieties of food. I often think whether it’s possible to open a momo frenchise. The main problem with it would be the cost. It’s not an easy process to prepare the momos. But it’s definitely healthy compared to the cheesy and processed products of other frenchise that is so much unhealthy and contributes to the obesity and health problems. Can we bring it to the “$5 per plate of ten with sauce” mark. Because I think that would be an awesome price point that can make it a success. But definitely there are some problems.

  • Frozen Momos are not as tasty 
  • No automation devices available 
  • It’s time consuming to wrap the momo stuffings
  • Nepalese are concentrated on certain states more
  • Materials are not so cheap
With mass production and a little bit of automation I don’t think that is an impossible mark to reach. But the risk of failure is definitely there and as any startup, it’s going to take a lot of effort to make it a success. But then, imagine a world where you can have a plate of healthy and super tasty and nutritious meal for $5. The possibility of such a future definitely deserve the time and effort of somebody.

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