Monday, December 2, 2019

Work pressure vs creativity

I was wondering whether there is any correlation between pressure to deliver versus delivering creative work. What do you think? Before you read it, let me make myself clear that there were no real research done or data analyzed before writing this article other than my own experiences and imaginations.

I am going to analyze myself first. I work five days a week and have two days of holiday. This works perfectly fine. I feel i am just enough busy and have just enough free time to unwind and relax and do something i want to do, well, if I have to do. Now from my past experiences, I have notices that If I need to do something, and I really want it to be done, the five working days are just enough for me to get the things done. Unless the nature of work is such that it requires dedicated amount of time and travel and it is totally not possible in the working days. Other times I am just lazy and just thinking that I need a weekend to do the same job (ie. say write an article, or edit a vlog etc) then I couldn't do it on those five days. Not because it can't be done, but because, i don't want it bad enough.

Its the reality of life. If you don't want it bad enough, if your inner mind gives up on it, then it can't be done. Unless somebody pressures you to do it, somebody constantly keeps bugging you and asking you about it, criticizing you for not completing it, in that case your inner mind gets motivated enough to get it over with. Whatever may be the motivation, the work is done. You did it. The question is "How do you keep yourselves motivated?".

People think straight that they can keep themselves motivated and they can have a strong will power to do so, and they will do so. But who are we kidding really? By analyzing my life and analyzing the habits of people that I know, people around me, I can say that 80% of the time, people fail to do so, or do it partially. I have always notices that people get more motivated in a group, maybe with the desire to show off to the group that they did it. Some people also keep themselves motivated by bragging a lot. Tell some people near to you that you are going to do something in certain amount of time. Keep the work be realistic and achievable. If its a really interesting work that the people are curious about, it will motivate you to do it. You may not have done it if it was you all alone. But because you are motivated not to fail in front of those people whose opinions of you, you care about, your inner mind tells you to get motivated and do it. Its all about how to force your inner mind to keep you motivated, or deceive your inner mind to keep you motivated.

Also, I think a constant amount of pressure is necessary to keep you motivated to deliver things, thus keeping you productive. In my case, if I have a long holiday, the simple things that I have kept without doing, I end up not doing it in the holiday as well. Because of lack of pressure and too much free time I don't know what to do with, I end up spending all of it in un-productive tasks. However, it there is some very complicated task that requires a lot of thinking and brainstorming, constant pressure prevent's me from realizing that amount of creativity that is required to do that task the best way possible. In those cases, I require a huge chunk of free time without any pressure on me what so ever. 80% of the times I end up taking much less amount of time then want I thought I would take, but if I didn't have that huge chunk of time to begin with, it creates some kind of pressure in my inner brain and stops me from being creative. It's that strangest of phenomenon I couldn't really understand.

I always wanted to create some videos. Even though I am not a good video maker or anything, I had never made any videos (at least not a proper one) until 2018. I would simply shoot some videos from my phone, put some transitions, some titles, some sound effects etc and just post it. Just couple of minutes long, simple and easy. Nothing complex. My inner mind wouldn't even allow me to explore what more could be done, how far could be reached with it. I wouldn't spend some time thinking and planning anything big that i can do, or anything complex. I met with this guy who has similar interest and wanted to make Vlogs. I talked with him and instantly connected. We talked a lot about videos, music videos, Vlogs, Cinematic steps, What this guy has done in youtube, How this guy Vlogs, What are the unique things about that guy, What this Vloggers style is, How this guy makes funny videos etc etc. Every day we met, we talked about those things. That motivated both of us to push further our boundaries and explore more. My inner mind explored, in its imagination, how things are done by others, and how things can be done. After those thought and imagination experiments that I gained with those conversations, I was more confident. And then finally on the long holidays we challenged (not officially) each other to create a Vlog, whatever we could create. The whatever part eased my mind to try even if I had the doubt "What IF, I am not good enough?". I wanted to make something which gives some sense what it is about and it should not be too bad. That was my criteria. And I allocated myself a month, thus eliminating the time pressure that my brain feels and gives up before it even starts. I completed the work on about a week with the weakest of laptop that i had. That felt like breaking a big barrier. A barrier not made of hard bricks and stones, but a barrier much stronger, made by self doubts and weakened will power. Skill is secondary. Some people are too good at somethings while others can do it just enough. To find out what your still is to do something you have to try to do it first. And there comes the weak will power and self doubts, working together, intimidating you, threatening you that you will loose some time to do something unproductive, trying to do something productive and stressing out not going to do it well enough. When logically thinking about it, its not something you would get scared, but in the blurred and out or focus areas of your minds, these blur and unclear thoughts seems to have a huge effect in your will power and decision making to explore the unexplored potentials of your mind.

I think i went somewhere else in the above paragraphs, then what i originally intended to write. But I started writing this article because I was thinking about the mistakes we are making again and again, as a society of law, and how we could prevent it from happening. When you are thinking about making rules and regulations that should function for the long run and should function well, in this case both things are important.

  • Pressure to Deliver
  • Thoughtful work
Think that you are a rules and regulations maker for a government and you made a bunch of rules that is awesome but has one major flaw. It does not pressure the government employees to deliver enough work. In this case, there is a high chance that many of the employees will take advantage of this loop hole and slack on their work. The customers aka the general public has to pay the price as their work will get delayed. Not you change your rules which makes the government employees to show how much work they have done and held others accountable who are not delivering enough. This is better than the first scenario, where at-least, people are working. But think about some sectors where quality of work matters rather than the volume. For example: Say a employee who is responsible to create strategies to create corruption at the government level. If the system pressures him/her to deliver strategies without providing him the creative space and time to think and analyze it through, the strategies might be made, but it may not be the best one which can produce much results.

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